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Just out of curiosity.... - Chris Goodwin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Just out of curiosity.... [Apr. 16th, 2009|07:26 am]
Chris Goodwin

...where were the teabaggers when George W. was spending 200 500 800 billion dollars a year in Iraq?

[User Picture]From: zigguratbuilder
2009-04-16 04:06 pm (UTC)
What I've gathered is that the teabaggers were always there for years, but it was just a handful of those ca-razy Libertarians, who object to paying taxes on things like Meat and Water Inspection, A Police Force, etc.

It's just that this year, a few thousand (and it was only a few thousand: Notice how all the live demonstrations in the country were actually mostly in Philidelphia?) 'Publicans crashed the party, bringing their own agenda and take on why taxes and reckless government spending are bad This Time.

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