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Vote, motherfuckers - Chris Goodwin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Chris Goodwin

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Vote, motherfuckers [Oct. 22nd, 2008|11:12 am]
Chris Goodwin
If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for ... but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong. -- Robert A. Heinlein

Just fucking vote.

[User Picture]From: goodwinm
2008-10-22 09:57 pm (UTC)
But don't blindly vote no across the board, there may be measures to repeal bad laws on there...
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[User Picture]From: iamlibertarian
2008-10-23 03:57 am (UTC)
Intellectually, I tell myself that this is one of the few areas in which I disagree with Heinlein - the old propping up the system argument and all that rot.

But then, I find myself voting anyway. Sigh.
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